• Teams of 1 to 8 people are allowed (students, faculty or staff of Texas A&M and other Universities)
  • All participants must give consent to participate in the event by signing Consent Form during on-site registration, Friday 2nd February 4-5pm in Langford B, Geren Lobby (See Eligibility). 
  • Teams will choose just one challenge to compete for.
    • Teams will be required to "opt in" to compete for one specific challenge through Devpost.
  • To compete for the Most Interdisciplinary Collaboration award, a team must have at least two members from different disciplines. 
  • Each team can only win one of six Challenges ($500).
  • Each team can win a combination of Prizes in addition to winning a Challenge. 
  • Presentations can only be 3 minutes long.


  • Projects are to be produced during the 24 hours of the event, either on site, or in other locations.
  • If projects are based on preious work, the original and the extent of the upgrade to the project is to be presented and project will be judged on the incremental upgrade.

To be considered for Awards, the following steps must be taken on Saturday, 3rd February:

  • By 12pm: Teams must sign up for Show & Tell. Link to form will be circulated via email, announcement and will be available here.
  • by 2pm: Teams must:
    • Submit Project through Devpost: Watch the 'Option 1' video to create a new project. Start submission process early - you can save and edit.
    • Bring Final Presentation (3 mins max) on a USB to Geren Auditorium.
  • Teams must 'OPT IN' for the one specific Challenge they are addressing during the submission process.
  • To be considered for Most Interdisciplinary Award - teams must 'OPT IN' for the award during the submission process. 
  • 3-4pm: Teams must present their project to the panel of Judges, Challengers, participants and interested parties during Show & Tell. 



  •  All participants must abide by the MLH Code of Conduct.
  • This is a Texas A&M University event, and all students must also abide by the Student Code of Conduct




  • 24 hr access to computers with GIS programs installed
  • Location: Langford A, 3rd floor studios


  • Each team is able to print large format posters through the ITS office
  • 1st floor Langford building A


  • 3D printing
  • Work desks
  • 1st floor Langford building A


  • Work desks
  • 3rd floor Langford building A


Please note there are no showers on site. 

We will provide plenty food, snacks and beverages. We do encourage you to bring your water bottle and utilize our Water Refill stations. 

 Organizers researve the right to change Awards, Prizes and amounts.