Show off your creativity to improve Space & Place on the TAMU campus. #TAMUDiversityHackathon

The 24 hour Diversity Hackathon is sponsored by an interdisciplinary partnership between the College of Architecture Diversity Council; College of Engineering; College of Architecture ITS; University Libraries; Center on Disability & Development; Disability Services; GLBT Resource Center; and League of United Latin American Citizens, TAMU Chapter and is open to all TAMU faculty, staff and students. 


The event is a 24 hour competition during which participants will creatively respond to Challenges presented by various TAMU departments (below), which pertain to the topic of Diversity on the Texas A&M campus. Participants will compete for $5,000 in prizes for best projects addressing issues and inclusivity of space and place between students, faculty and staff face on campus and in everyday life. 

The event challenges participants for creative solutions to imagine a future campus without physical, technological, digital, cultural, psychological, etcWe want to peek into the future throught the imagination and innovation of our participants. 

Example challenge:  

As of January 25th, 2017 1502 Aggies have requested accommodations with the TAMU Disability Services. We ask you to use the skills and knowledge of your discipline to imagine a TAMU campus of the future, where accommodations are not add-ons and after-thoughts, but integral to the physical and digital fabric of the University, its landscape, streets, sidewalks, exterior and interior of buildings, classrooms, technology, digital interfaces, etc. We are looking for visionary projects and ideas that break away from the current status quo. 

(Actual Challenges will be revealed during the Kick-Off at 5pm on February 2nd).




The schedule of event will be as follows:

Friday, February 2nd

  • 4pm: On-site registration | Geren Lobby (Langford B)
  • 5pm:  Official Kick Off | Geren Auditorium (Langford B)
  • 6pm: Diversity Workshops | Geren Auditorium (Langford B)
  • 7pm: Dinner: Form teams, work with mentors, begin working | Geren Lobby (Langford B)
  • 11pm: Coffee / snacks  | Studios (Langford A)

Saturday, February 3rd

  • 7am: Breakfast | Studios (Langford A)
  • 11am: Snacks | Studios (Langford A)
  • 12pm Deadline to sign up for Show & Tell | (Langford A)
  • 1pm: Lunch | Lobby (Langford A)
  • 2pm: Deadline to submit project to Devpost & Bring presentation file to Geren Auditorium  (Langford B)
  • 3pm: Show & Tell | Geren Auditorium (Langford B)
  • 4pm: Awards Ceremony & take Exit Survey | Geren Auditorium (Langford B)



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Texas A&M students, faculty and staff from all backgrounds and disciplines are welcome. Although not required, it is encouraged to join a team.

Teams may be from 1 up to 8 people.

This event is part of an IRB approved study to test the Hackathon format as a new method for engaging students in the topic of Diversity in higher education institutions. IRB NUMBER: IRB2016-0061D; IRB APPROVAL DATE: 01/17/2018; IRB EXPIRATION DATE: 12/14/2018

To participate in the event, you will be asked to sign the following consent form, you may review it in advance [excerpt, full version will be provided during on-site registration]:

You are invited to take part in a research study being conducted by Dr. Cecilia Giusti, a researcher from Texas A&M University. If you decide to take part in the study, you will be asked to sign this consent form. If you decide you do not want to participate, there will be no penalty to you, and you will not lose any benefits you normally would have.



To be considered for prizes teams must: 

1. Sign up for Show & Tell by 12pm on Saturday 3rd Feb. We will circulate the sign up at 10am on Saturday via an update / email. 

2. Submit Project through DevPost by 2pm on Sat 3rd Feb, project to contain the following items marked with *: Submit Project through Devpost: Watch the 'Option 1' video to create a new project.

  • Enter *Project Name
  • Enter *Elevator Pitch (project tag line) 
  • Enter 'It's built with' - this is optional, depending on your project. 
  • Add *Teammates - make sure you enter the same email addresses your teammates used to create their Devpost accounts. Once they are added, they can edit the project along with you.  
  • *Here is the whole Story: Describe your project Inspiration, What it Does, How you built it, Challenges you ran into, etc 150 - 300 words 
  • *File Upload (PDF, Powerpoint) - Upload your Final Presentation that you will use during Show & Tell. If your Final Presentation is a PREZI, please provide a public link in the Try it Out section. If your Final Presentation is a VIDEO, please provide a link in the Video Demo section (YouTube, Vimeo or Youku) or upload a PDF or powerpoint with a public url. 
  • Try it Out: Url for demo site, app, Youtube, Vimeo, etc public links. You can add multiple links.
  • Image Gallery: Upload images to illustrate your project (jpg, png, gif).
  • Thubnail Image: Upload project logo / small image representing your project. 
  • Video: Upload video if you created one (YouTubeVimeo, or Youku).
  • *Submit by 2pm, Saturday, Feb3!

Tip: Start submitting your project early by entering what info you can on the submission form, and then save it as a draft. That way you won't be rushed toward the end. You'll be able to keep updating it until the deadline @ 2pm, Saturday, Feb3!

3. Save your presentation to the Geren Auditorium computer by 2pm. Save your presentation to a USB and bring it to Geren Auditorium to load onto the computer that will be used for Show & Tell Presentations no later than 2pm.

4. Present Project during Show & Tell in Geren Auditorium, Langford building B. (Not all team members need to be present during the Show&Tell)

Please note that projects will be judged on the basis of the material presented during Show & Tell. 

Judging Criteria: 

  • Eye Candy: Best looking submission..
  • Challenge Accomplished: Space and place for diversity and inclusion! Great response to the brief, more than the Challengers could imagine.
  • Visionary: Creative, audacious, creates inclusion.
  • Practical: Potential for implementation. Aplicable. Usefull rather than concerned with theory and ideas.
  • Impact: The project has a potential to impact many of the target population. Great value for little input.

Hackathon Sponsors


$5,000 in prizes

Challenge #1: Zachry Engineering Education Complex: Best Project

$500 cash value.
The Zachry Engineering Education Complex is a state-of-the-art learning space. The overarching concept is collaboration between faculty and students - and within student teams – no matter where the actual geographic locations may be. Open spaces and transparency are the hallmark of the Zachry building.
Current digital accessibility enhancements will include:

Assistive audio technology in classrooms
GPS wayfinder system to locate rooms
Digital directories

What enhancements in the building and surroundings could improve access and participation for students with hearing, visual, or physical disabilities?

Can you imagine and create or adapt additional assistive technology (software or hardware) enhancements that are affordable and easy to use?

Challenge #2: Disability Servicesl: Best Project

$500 cash value.
Project: Wayfinding on Campus

Think back to the first time you set foot on the TAMU campus. Did you feel overwhelmed? How about lost or disoriented?

For students with disabilities, it can often feel overwhelming, frustrating, disorienting and sometimes even absolutely impossible to navigate our massive campus.

Develop a solution to address any number of issues related to accessible wayfinding.

Simply put, how can we ensure all Aggies are able to confidently navigate from Point A to Point B (and everywhere else in between) on the TAMU campus?

Challenge #3: GLBT Resource Center: Best Project

$500 cash value.
Aggie Family Challenge details:

How do we make Texas A&M University a place where individuals of every sexual orientation and gender identity feel fully included?

Challenge #4: Texas A&M Collegiate LULAC: Best Project

$500 cash value.

Challenge details:

Physical Space
A space for Latinx students to study and meet

Academic Resources
Technology and literature accessible to students and organizations

Community Support
A culturally relevant area that reflects our culture

Challenge #5: University Libraries: Best Project

$500 cash value.

The University Libraries
is a central part of the campus community.
There are 5 libraries across campus
that are open to students, staff, and faculty.

We are interested in expanding on our efforts
to create spaces that welcome all.

“Welcome to the Libraries”
Challenge details:

Physical and digital spaces
Service points

Challenge #6: College of Architecture Diversity Council: Best Project

$500 cash value.

Create spaces for people to share ideas / feelings / projects

There are MANY organizations
Each of them propose MANY initiatives
And all of them aim at working with most students

Challenge details:
Physical places could be enhanced with technology
Your proposal could be:
A screen
A patio
Art venue
An App

Best Interdisciplinary Collaboration

$500 cash value.

Project which will show an innovative solution creatively employing knowledge and from a variety of disciplines. To be able to qualify for this Award, minimum two partners from different disciplines must be present in the team. Teams competing for this prize must state during their Final presentation what disciplines they come from and how the project benefits from their expertise.

People's Choice

$250 cash value.
People's Choice winner will be voted on by all participants. Please note the voting will be through Devpost - to be able to vote, you need to be registered

Most Visionary

$250 cash value.

Creative, audacious, creates inclusion.

Most Practical

$250 cash value.

Potential for implementation. Applicable. Useful rather than concerned with theory and ideas.

Most Impact

$250 cash value.

The project has a potential to impact many of the target population. Great value for little input.

Eye Candy

$250 cash value.

Best looking submission.

Surprise Prize TBD on the day

$250 cash value.

This award is reserved for the judges to determine on the day of the event - after the Show & Tell presentations.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter


Please do fill out the pre-registration: Here so we have your email addess and look out for any announcements. 


Once you pre-register, we will ask you to register your team with Devpost (at least one person from your team) to be able to submit your project. Note: If you do not register with Devpost, you will not be able to vote for People's Choice Award. 

You will need to do the following:
  • Create a DevPost account and join Hackathon
  • Enter a submission on DevPost to the TAMU-Hackathon. One person from each team will Enter a Submission (which is a button you'll see on the hackathon home page after you register). 
  • Start submission process early - you can save and edit. 
  • Watch the 'Option 1' video to create a new project.  


Puneet Gaddam

Puneet Gaddam
Division of Information Technology

Cecilia Smith

Cecilia Smith
Maps & GIS, University Libraries

Chauma Smitth Guss

Chauma Smitth Guss
Engineering IT

Adam Mikeal

Adam Mikeal
College of Architecture - ITS

Weiling He

Weiling He

René E Graham

René E Graham

Judging Criteria

  • Awesomeness
    Creative, Innovative, wow, visionary
  • Challenge accomplished
    Barriers erased! Great response to the brief, more than the Challengers could imagine.
  • Design
    Great looking/sounding, great fit, great solution
  • Practical
    Potential for implementation.
  • Impact
    The project has a potential to impact many people.

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